Stratum compass COCLA

No. 3180 COCLA

Stratum compass COCLAAccording to Prof. Dr. Clar; for geological, geophysical, mining and tectonic measurements; for measuring azimuth and angle of dip in one single operation. Horizontal circle of transparent plastic Ø 50 mm; graduation 1/1° (1/1g), numbering 10° (10g) each; automatic arresting system of the compass needle when the compass is not in use, adjustable inclina-tion weight, efficient damping of the oscillations of the magnetic needle due to eddy current damping, reading within only approx. 3 seconds, magnetic needle: the North end of the needle is red and the South is black, length 50 mm, international cardinal points (East and West inverse); declination adjustment +/- 30° (+/- 30g); deep etched tracing edge graduated in 60 mm; vertical circle on cover hinge, graduation 5° (5g), estimation 1° (1g); diameter 25 mm, cover plate with friction adjustment screw, transparent bottom and transparent spherical level with reading mirror allow overhead measurements; dimensions of closed compass 73x95x25 mm, weight: 260 grams.