1. Mount the eductor over the drilling fluid mixing tank, and discharge downward to clear high fluid levels.
  2. Using cam-Iock fittings, connect the PVC MUD MIXER to the delivery line.
  3. Attach the PVC Super Mud Mixer Clamp to the tank, insert the PVC MUD MIXER into the clamp and lock.


Tum on water and insert the lift tube, approximately 25 - 50 mm (I - 2 inches), into the polymer powder to lift a mixture of air and polymer.


Polyvinyl chloride venturi teflon

Water connection

1m i inch 25 mm

Lift tube

1.5 m 20mm clear plastic

Water requirements

100 - 150 Iitres per minute at 20 psig

Nominal lift

1.2 m maximum

Lift rate

1 - 1.5 kg per minute

Available in 2 sizes:

  1. Small Size
  2. Xtra Large Size