SUPERLUBE 25kg is truly a unique product. It is a new generation high performance extreme pressure lubricant / cutting oil specifically designed for the mineral exploration industry Extensive research and development has resulted in a lubricant with exceptional lubricating characteristics. It is also a concentrated cutting oil to help improve penetration rates and prolong wear of the cutting surfaces.

SUPERLUBE forms a protective coating on the metal surfaces. It is a highly concentrated, extremely economical product that disperses rapidly in most water conditions. SUPERLUBE will reduce torque and frictional drag on the drill rods, minimises wear on the drill string and protect the rods, barrel and inner-tubes. SUPERLUBE can be used in surface and underground mining operations.

SUPERLUBE can be applied directly to the rod line or to the batching tank. To ensure maximum performance is achieved, SUPERLUBE should be totally homogenised into a system.
1 - 4 Its per 1000 litres, depending on pipe size and depth.