SUPER-FOAM is a biodegradable mixture of anionic su r ctants designed for use in the mineral and water Nell drilling industries.

SUPER-FOAM may be used in a variety of air drilling aerations, ranging from simple air drilling to stiff foam drilling where the foam is extended by the use of polymers such as LlQUI-POL or AUS- TROL, EZEE-PAC R and TROL or BIO-VIS.

Mist drilling: SUPER-FOAM should be mixed with water z; 0.25 - 0.5 % by volume and injected into the air stream.The rate of injection will depend on factors such as hole size, compressor output and water flow rate.

Foam drilling: If water flow rates are high and compressor limits are reached, up to 1,0 - 2,0 % by volume of SUPER-FOAM.

Air drilling: SUPER-FOAM can be used as an effective dust suppressant, at 0, I - 0,2 % by volume injection water.

Stiff foam drilling: Stiff foam applications include areas of severe lost circulation, large diameter holes and unconsolidated formations. Stiff foam can be prepared by injecting a base slurry of 35 - 45 seconds per litre viscosity fluid prepared as follows:

Mix LlQUI-POL. I - 2 kg per 1000 liters or AMC EZEE- PAC R, 2 - 4 kg per 1000 liters I SUPER-FOAM 10 - I 5 Its per 1000 liters.
When injected into the air stream, this slurry will produce stiff foam of shaving cream consistency.