FILTREX 25ltr is a high molecular weight polymer emulsion that is added to a water-based drilling fluid to reduce drilling fluid pressure on the borehole wall during drilling. FILTREX can also be used when drilling into reactive clays and shales, reducing pore pressure transmission and mud filtrate contact occurring when reactive formations are encountered.

FILTREX produces deformable droplets that physically plug micro fractures. FILTREX also creates a robust, flexible film or seal over the borehole wall resulting in a substantial reduction in the rate fluid invades a formation. Evidence suggests filtrate and torque is significantly reduced, pressure fluctuations are controlled when drilling in ultramafics. FILTREX can be included when drilling reactive clays and shale. FILTREX is stable in fresh water, hard water, moderate to saline water conditions and is not pH sensitive.

FILTREX is added to a water based fluid system at a rate of 10 - 50 Its per 1000 litres, concentrations should be monitored and increased to control adverse conditions while drilling.