CAP 21 25kg


CAP 21 25kg is a partially hydrolysed tripolymer which has similar properties to PAC and Trol polymers. It is an excellent inhibitor of clay and shales on its own, but more importantly, it mixes with bentonite to form a tough thin filter cake on the side of the borehole. This protects highly water sensitive sandy friable formations and aids in full core recovery.


CAP 21 can be used for diamond or water well drilling

  • Stabilise water sensitive formations.
  • Prevents water seepage into the formation.
  • Holds up sandy formations.
  • Prevents friable water sensitive core being washed away.


  • Easy to mix as it is a liquid.
  • Very high viscosity.
  • Can replace PAC and Trol.
  • Less expensive and less wastage than other polymers.


  • Appearance: Milky white
  • Flash point: 93 C
  • Specific gravity: 1.05 g/cm


  • Normal use: 2Lt to 4Lt/1000 litres
  • With Bentonite: Bentonite