EZEE-PAC R 15kg / 25kg

EZEE-PAC R 15kg / 25kg is a new generation, high quality polyanionic cellulose polymer used for viscosity and water loss control in most water-based drilling fluid systems. EZEE-PAC R will not fisheye and has been designed to disperse rapidly into any make up water even under the poorest conditions. The mixing efficiencies of EZEE-PAC R reduces wastage and promotes lower mud costs and total hole costs.

EZEE-PAC R forms a protective colloid which inhibits the hydration of water-sensitive formations; it has applications in most drilling mediums and has the ability to improve core recovery in diamond drilling, can be added to enhance a bentonite-based system and is compatible with most polymers and lubricants. Addition rates can be adjusted to suit specific applications; hardness must not exceed 400 mg/I Calcium.



kg per 1000 litres

To reduce torque and improve core

1.0 - 3.0



To provide encapsulation and

2.0 - 5.0

stabilize clays and shales


To improve filter cake


To improve the properties of a

0.5 - 2..5

bentonite-based drilling fluid


EZEE-PAC R can be slowly introduced into mechanical agitation, through water discharge or through a mud hopper.